With 10 days until Christmas, we’re starting to get in the holiday spirit. Rufus created a decorative table garland from the branches we trimmed off the Christmas tree, some dog wood, and willows. It looks so festive alongside our succulent collection. However, if we bring any more plants to the table, there won’t be any room for Christmas dinner. This afternoon, I took a rare trip into town to do some Christmas shopping, mostly for our nieces and nephews who are the most fun to buy for. Back home, I lit a sweet scented candle that reminds me of my Grandma Joy, listened to Christmas music (with a digital fireplace background of course), and wrapped presents on the floor. I’m doing my best to muster up some holiday cheer, but the cold realities of a Covid Christmas creep through the cracks. I wish we could all be together, but I take a measure of solace in knowing so many are feeling the very same way. 



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