Dear Farm Journal,

This morning Rufus and I were watching Gizmo and Balio play out the front window when Rufus suddenly said, “Oh Shit, There’s a deer hanging in our tree”. We came in late last night after the wedding and hadn’t noticed that our friend and his daughter had gotten a doe. Upon further inspection, it appeared that Balio had gotten a share of the doe as well. When I first saw it, I thought it was hanging awfully low considering how tall Balio is. I walked outside to find one leg basically stripped down to the bone and a significant amount of meat missing up the leg. The deer had previously been hung up further, but either a rope malfunction or a dog hyper-function brought the animal close enough to the ground for Balio to get his fill. We all thought he was being a little too quiet. I wasn’t too happy with his glutinous antics, but I’m guessing he just couldn’t help himself. He was as happy as a hound could be.


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