Dear Farm Journal,

What a beautiful fall day. The sun has been out for two days and the excess moisture on the farm is beginning to lift with the cool breeze. Rufus and I take full advantage of this window of weather and put a robust to-do list together. We remove the squash planting, clean out the beet and carrot beds, harvest peppers, harvest and remove tomatillos and ground cherries, and prep beds for fall plantings. In the evening, I sit at the picnic table in the sun and break up garlic cloves for seeding. In the background, Rufus joyfully mows the lawn, chopping down nearly hay crop length grass, for what will likely be the last mowing of the season. I absolutely love days like this; neither one of us have to leave the farm, the sun is shining, there is a cool breeze, and we work side by side to get shit done. At the end of the day, we can look back at the transformation, recorded with check marks. Crack that Moon Man, Cheers, Baby.


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