Dear Farm Journal,

My chickens…I mean…the chickens are really thriving in their new home. I have gotten into the habit of saying “my chickens” because I have been getting attached to them as I have taken care of them over the last couple weeks. I wouldn’t say that I am attached to them like a dog or cat. I still can’t really tell them apart and I don’t really want to pick them up or pet them. I may even be a little afraid of them still.  I am more interested in taking good care of them, helping them thrive so they can start laying eggs, and learning about the process of taking care of animals. Today Papa Rich, Mother Mary, and Rufus all came into the chicken coop to see how the chickens were coming along. They were all well aware of the sad state the hens were in before they came to Keewaydin. They said that the chickens looked remarkably improved from just a couple weeks ago. They are putting on weight, are very alert and active, and their feathers, waddles, and feet look much healthier. I have been pretty diligent in keeping the coop clean and lined in 3 sections with sawdust, hay, and lime.I make sure they have fresh thawed water, plenty of grain, food scraps from our kitchen, and just today I gave them some grit, which they seemed to really like. I have their laying box all set up with hay and a cover which keeps them from shitting in there at night. Rufus jokes around with me, saying that I am raising “show chickens”. I deny that I am raising “show chickens” and laugh, but I’m happy that they are doing so well. Now I just have to wait patiently for eggs, just as I wait patiently for spring.    


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