Dear Farm Journal,

Rufus and I spent the morning indoors in our upstairs office. We worked away at the computerized tasks of life and farming as I watched the wind sweep across the snowy garden. My mind wanders…thinking about how in this moment, I huddle shivering over the little space heater under my desk. I long for the return of spring warmth and green grass. I experience the slow lapping wave of each winter day wash over me. Boredom creeps in and I wish to be busy outside in the garden. I stretch my imagination back to how I experienced summer days. Didn’t I then crave cooler weather and a slower pace? Wasn’t my body exhausted? Was I tired of tedious tasks? Why is it that we find ourselves yearning for a filtered memory? Sometimes we only remember the good….all the lovely parts of a season. Other times we selectively remember the bad. Today I remind myself that each season has its own extraordinary experience. Some of those experiences bring us joy, sunshine, and freshly picked sweetness. Some of those experiences bring us sore muscles, sunburns, and sordid feelings. So, instead of pining for a new season, I reflect on the wonderful parts of winter…sleeping in, snuggling in, freshly fallen snow, the bright flashes of cardinals and bluejays against the white backdrop of a snow covered farm, laughter on a sled, skiing trips to come, and having the luxury of slowing down, which so many never get to experience…not like this anyway. It’s not easy to slow down in a fast paced world, but I am learning to live with the seasons.


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