Dear Farm Journal,

Today I rotate from outside, to fire, to dishes, to laundry, to chickens, to the stupid cat that refuses to run away from the attacks of our neighbor dog (Mother Mary’s dog, Jodi) because… well we think he likes the punishment. Yes, he says, put my head in your mouth. I know that I am perfectly capable of running away or defacing you with my claws,  but….. Carrot the cat does what he wants. He is a farm cat/ barn cat who rarely has the privilege of coming inside. No, Carrot is a killer, and he prefers to catch his dinner live and warm. He often scoffs at dog food when I offer it to him… if the hunt has gone well. However, in these skinny times, he meows at the door for that lowly dog food that he scoffed at earlier. He hurries in, scarfs down some cheap dog food, and cuddles on top of one of the jackets or scarves that so conveniently fell onto the floor for him. I let him hang out and enjoy the shelter from the cold for awhile. I return to let him back outside, and …Oh…and he shit on Rufus’s shoe.


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