Dear Farm Journal,

Today is one of those cold, snowy, windy days when it seems like everything on the farm is asleep and I should be too. Apart from a little bit of planning for spring planting, which just made me long for spring all the more, I stayed tucked beneath two blankets, listened to an audiobook, napped, and stoked the fire in vain. Although the fire was burning, it was not bringing much warmth to our drafty old farmhouse. Finally in the slump of the afternoon, Rufus initiated some action and we took to the basement to spray foam some of the windier corners where our heat was escaping. I swept thick swaths of spider webs and dust from the edges of the cold walls and marked off the coldest areas with pencil. Rufus came behind me and spray foamed the shit out of the  identified holes. We did the best we could until we ran out of spray foam. Then, escaping upstairs, out of the chemical laden air, we had nothing left to do but polish off a 12 pack of Moon Man, make back straps for dinner, and snuggle on the couch.


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