Dear Farm Journal,

I found the other farm journal. I didn’t even want to record this, but… it was in my underwear drawer the entire time. Didn’t I put on clean underwear from that drawer every day? While I was burning up my brain trying to remember where I left the journal, I probably grazed it with my fingers as I plucked out my hot pink lace thong. How could I have missed that? I guess I will chalk it up to all the things I miss when I am thinking in a hurry, which is probably about 75% of the time. We miss so many precious details when we are in a rush, and I wish I could operate at a normal speed more than 25% of the time. However, now we are over a week behind on the other journal, which we must promptly update with our guess and stare method, and then get out the door to make more records.  


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