Dear Farm Journal,

his is bad. I think I lost the other farm journal, the one that really matters, the one with all the records of what we do on the farm from planting to harvesting, the one we need for organic certification. Since Rufus is a Cancer, and I am a Capricorn, I am the obvious choice for accurate and timely record keeping. Logging activity does not come naturally to most farmers. Of course this journal is only written and not recorded on any computer or backed up anywhere, including either one of our brains. It is impossible to remember exactly how many pounds of asparagus we picked, how many trays of okra I planted, or which greenhouse I harvested head lettuce from. By the next day, all of those details are a blur, left behind in the wake of veggie debris on the way to the compost trench. And at that point, all you can really do is guess…stare at each other, grasping for memory recall…glance upward into middle distance, as if the answers are out there in the ether somewhere, and finally write down the best guess that everyone can agree upon. Well, the other journal has been gone for over a week now. Shit.


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