Dear Farm Journal,

Today was filled with unexpected interruptions, but we still managed to get a lot accomplished. Our main agenda of the day was to get our poor flopping tomato plants pruned and trellised and to get some plantings in before it rained. The forecast said there was only a 30% chance of precipitation, so we started with the tomatoes in greenhouse 2 (which still lacks the key component of a greenhouse – plastic). The lack of plastic worked to our advantage, however, because it was already a little too hot for me. In the course of performing this task, my eyes began to burn and water from staring up at the crossbars where we were tying the trellis strings (majorly obstructing my vision and irritating me), I saw a dead snake that scared the shit out of me, I nearly fell off the top step of the ladder while on my tippy toes reaching for a line, a super gnarly looking spider kept making its way up the ladder (no matter how many times I flung it off), and I nearly fainted toward the end of the job. I quickly sat down before I fell down, got my bearings, strung one more trellis and headed to the house for lunch. Storm clouds were beginning to circle, so Rufus dashed out to the field to try to sneak in a quick planting. While I was eating lunch, the storm hit. So much for that 30% chance. I scrambled to button things down and brought the dogs in the house. Outside jobs are off the docket now. Oh, and bonus, our power goes out for most of the afternoon/evening. Our only option was to work in the greenhouses where we could stay dry. The silver lining is that we got the greenhouses looking really well maintained and our outdoor plantings got a sufficient soaking, no need to drag hose and sprinkler from field to field. Not long after we called it a day, Rufus watched out the window as Gizmo and Balio got sprayed by a skunk. This is the second time in one week for Balio. So, we dealt with that. All we had was red wine vinegar and green apple dish soap, which left the stinky mongrels looking both festive and pissed off. The rinse off was Rufus and I vs. Balio and Gizmo. It didn’t go well. Neither of them wear collars and can slip away pretty easily. At least it started to rain again, so hopefully that gets the rest of the soap out. What a day!



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