Dear Farm Journal,

Sometimes I look back at past entries and harshly judge my fussing over farming. I don’t want to make it out to be a toil or a trial. The truth is, I love hard work and I’m happy doing this. Nonetheless, I should be chronicling more of the beauty,  capturing the freedom, researching how to improve, and advocating for small organic farms. It really is a beautiful livelihood, and I wish that more young people had the interest and opportunity to get into it. You learn such a wide spectrum of knowledge; botany, marketing, business management, accounting, market patterns, pricing, food safety, mechanical skills, carpentry skills, building customer relationships, working with mother nature, and that’s really only scratching the surface of my limited experience. I don’t say it often enough, I’m thankful to be here, in the middle of everything, learning and growing, and having a pretty damn good time through it all. It’s the week 7 pack out of the summer CSA and I’m going to try not to be so whiny. 



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