Dear Farm Journal,

I so enjoy sending our rainbow starburst carrots along with my Aunt’s CSA box. She watches her 4 year old granddaughter during the day, who absolutely loves these carrots and has been borderline obsessed with them since last year. She is always asking if there are carrots in the box each week and now refuses to eat any other sub par carrots. My Aunt sent Rufus and I a message last week that said, “Thanks for the veggies you guys! McKinley had to eat the carrots right away! There were 2 really little ones. She said look at these, they are way too cute to eat! Finally she did eat them! Plus she cleaned them and the cherry tomatoes for me!” I got a huge kick out of this, so this week I had to up the ante. I picked McKinley her own special bundle of mini carrots and packed them in their very own individual box. I put a note in the box that said, “To McKinley, From Your Farmers Joy and Rufus, We know you love carrots, so here is a special little bundle just for you, almost too cute to eat!” Apparently she was really excited and thankful when she opened her box. It warms my heart and gives me hope to see young kids being so enthusiastic about vegetables. I wish more children had opportunities like this to connect with food and farmers. I think it is one of the most important life practices we can pass onto the next generation, and I am happy to do my small part. 



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