Dear Farm Journal,

Some harvest days are a blur, but this one passed by at alternating speeds. There was a morning rush to harvest and deliver a local order. Then we began a leisurely stroll toward the asparagus patch, until we realized how much asparagus was ready to harvest and how hot the sun would be on the freshly picked spears laying in the field. We picked up the pace, snapping off the crisp green stems, throwing down piles when our arms reached capacity, and driving the asparagus route to pick them all up before they wilted in the midday sun. Once the asparagus was safely in the cooler, we set a casual but steady stride along the rhubarb patch. Rufus pulled thick bright pink stalks from the bed and I chopped off the leaves and bundled. The radiant sunlight was complemented by a breeze at just the right speed and temperature.  In the late afternoon, we headed to Kendall to harvest wild ramps with my dad. The three of us hit the hillside and dug four crates of the aromatic pearly bulbs as the sun dipped out of sight. Back at Keewaydin, the pace slackened and came to a grinding halt after dinner. We are two tired farmers, the kind of tired when you just can’t quite bring yourself to take a shower…even though you really need one. Tomorrow is another harvest day, so what’s the point really. So, maybe it was a blur.


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