Dear Farm Journal,

This Tuesday was our week 4 CSA pack out. I can tell my legs are getting into gardening shape…well because they weren’t on fire after a day like today. 60 bunches of arugula, swiss chard, mint, and spinach, 30 lbs of salad greens, and 60 heads of joi choi is a lot of squats in less than 12 hours. The greenhouse harvesting was only tolerable until noon when it just got too hot, and when that happens, my morale really starts to plummet. We put the spinach harvest off until late afternoon and headed to the cool spring waters of Camp Creek to harvest watercress and mint. In less than an hour we go from sweating in the greenhouse to freezing in the stream. Back at the farm, we prep veggies and pack boxes until the greenhouses are once again inhabitable. As we close up this week’s box, I am filled with a sense of triumph and completion, another week of the season packed into a half bushel box.



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