Dear Farm Journal,

On this Easter Sunday, Rufus and I move at a leisurely pace. We take some time off during the weekends, but we never truly come to a halt in the spring. Today we planted a beautiful hedge of red raspberries that Papa Rich brought back from his family in Plymouth. Ever since I started helping Rufus with the farm in 2017, I have been contributing to this hedge. Whenever I have an empty tray of transplants (or just a tray that didn’t make it to the field) I have dumped the potting soil from the trays into this hedge area. It is really a satisfying feeling to see the entire project come together. We added a bit more topsoil, layed down black plastic to give the bushes a head start against the weeds, and planted a neat curved hedge outside of greenhouse 3. After I started the drip line of water along the hedge, I stood back and smiled at another transformed space, an establishment of perennial life that will be there for years to come.


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