Dear Farm Journal,

Today we hosted a little Easter get together for our family. I had the pleasure of preparing a mostly farm raised lunch and sharing it with some of the company we love best. I was up at the crack of dawn opening greenhouses, collecting eggs, and chopping vegetables. When it all came together, we sat outside in the radiant sunshine on a rare calm day. I can barely believe the wind actually gave us a break today. We were even able to fly a kite reasonably well. Rufus and I colored and hid Easter eggs all over the farm for Aurora and her little cousin Aaliyah and it was a real treat to watch them on the egg hunt. I felt like a kid again. After lunch, we all walked down the road to check out our neighbor’s newborn lambs. Their bright white wool and frisky frollicking filled my heart with the lightness of springtime. On days like this, I swell with gratefulness for being at Keewaydin and being able to share all that this place provides with the ones I love.


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