Dear Farm Journal,

Last week Karma and I were picking chard in the greenhouse when a pretty intense rainstorm swept over the farm. It was one of those storm fronts you just have to stop and watch for a minute. As the rain beat against the plastic of the greenhouse, Karma asked, “Do you think these plants are pissed that they can’t feel the rain”? I thought for a second…”I can see that”. The other day I was listening to a program on NPR about plant research and the discovery that plants have some behaviors similar to animals and the capability to learn. I wonder how much we overlook about the life of plants and I speculate that we have more in common than we first thought. Today, another fierce rainstorm accompanied by thunder and lightning tore across the piece of sky which hangs over Keewaydin. I decided to press through the rain to transplant our Sunrise Bumblebee Cherry Tomatoes. They were overdue to get in the ground and I thought to myself, these little babies have never felt the rain, and they deserve it. Today is their day, and dare I say, they seemed happy?



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