Dear Farm Journal,

Well, even though greenhouse 2 still does not have plastic, we finished the planting of tomatoes, 179 red slicers already blooming with tiny yellow flowers. I am happy to report the first 2 rows we planted made it through the last few cold nights with only minor damage. I think we should be in the clear now, as far as cold temperatures go…hopefully, but we still need to get the plastic on as soon as possible. Another long awaited mark of spring has also arrived today, the walking of the asparagus patch. For a few days now, Rufus and I have been checking on the young  asparagus spears poking their heads out of the ground. We have picked a few handfuls for ourselves, but today we found the plants had put on enough height to justify a full harvest. In the evening, we joined some friends for a mushroom hunt and were lavishly rewarded for our efforts with a hat full of the delectable morel mushrooms, grilled in butter and shared with incredible company. It was the perfect ending to a lovely week of spring.


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