Dear Farm Journal,

This morning Rufus left early and I gradually made my way outside and methodically worked my way down the rows of tatsoi and clytonia, pulling weeds and enjoying the warmth of the morning sun, magnified by the greenhouse. I set up the sprinkler on the newly planted tomatoes and listen to the water splash periodically along the greenhouse wall, a reassurance that the temperamental sprinkler is indeed still rotating and not flooding one section. I keep a watchful eye on the chickens, as one barred rock hen has recently found a breach in the fencing, but none escape today. Balio follows me around the farmstead for our daily routine of morning chores and flops down lazily in the nearest shade whenever I come to a stop. I ease into the steady rhythm of the day and take in the repose of a quiet Saturday morning. In the afternoon, Rufus, Aurora, and I join our neighbors and friends for a work day at Driftless Music Gardens. Everyone lends a hand in preparation for the summer festivals, landscaping, planting flowers, building stages, painting spool tables, clearing brush, prepping campsites, and cutting firewood. I am amazed at the amount of work people can accomplish when they come together for a common cause. It is a beautiful thing, and I am happy to be a part of it.   


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