Dear Farm Journal,

We are in the thick of the asparagus harvest now. If we don’t pick everyday or every other day, many of the spears will be past their prime. This year I have come to really enjoy the long asparagus walk across the fields. As Rufus and I hiked the well worn path, I mentioned that this year’s asparagus picking seems to go by more quickly with a bit more ease. Thinking back to last May, we realized this year has been much cooler. The temperature during a harvest can make a world of difference for me. While we reminisced about the two different seasons, I discern the value of the wisdom that comes with farming over multiple years. I appreciate being able to compare our seasonal experiences as we take these trips together around the sun. Last May was hot, this one was cool, and so many realities on the farm are vastly different. Sometimes I think keeping records of the seasons will provide us with data which we can learn from to improve our farming practices. Today I feel like every year and every season are distinctive moments in time. No interval is an exact repetition. I am learning that as farmers we often rely on guesswork, intuition, and an intangible connection with our capricious Mother Nature.  



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