Dear Farm Journal,

Today was a lazy day on the farm, well “farmer lazy”. We still worked, just not all day. Rufus reconciled the books, mowed the lawn, and worked on some landscaping projects and I did some weeding in greenhouse 4. We walked down to the asparagus, but didn’t pick it. Since it has been cloudy, we can give it one more day to get a little taller. Rufus also suggested that we give our bodies a break so we can go into the week reenergized. The thing that would really re energize me though is a new bed. How do I describe our bed? Well, it starts with a rickety wooden frame and no box spring. The mattress is probably from the Civil War era and has had generations of families sleep on it. It really doesn’t have anything left to give as mattresses go. I told Rufus this morning that I feel like a rotisserie chicken on that thing, constantly rolling my body out of discomfort into another short lived position, “sleeping” in 5 minute increments. Many nights I end up on the couch or futon mattress on the floor in the spare bedroom. Neither alternate locations are much of an improvement. Maybe it was the added nightly disturbance of our barking dogs, or the fact that I had a “‘farmer lazy” day and still feel tired and sore, but I snapped. Rufus is somehow immune, numb, or passively resigned to the fact that our bed sucks, but I can’t take it anymore. I am going to lose my mind if this is not rectified soon.



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