Dear Farm Journal,

It was a nice cool day for planting seedlings in greenhouse 3 and we have now filled a full row of tables with planted trays. The cool weather, however, enlivened Balio with an extra punch of spunk and mischief. We are kindred spirits as far as heat intolerance goes. As I stood planting at the table, I frequently had to put down the seeds and redirect his puppy curiosity from troublemaking. Each time I focused back on the seedlings, I would become distracted by a mischievous noise of Balio chewing on tomato clips, getting tangled up in plastic, harassing the cat, digging at the edge of the cucumber beds, clawing at the garbage, or just barking at himself. When I put him outside of the greenhouse, I thought perhaps he had finally dozed off, but I peeked around the door to find him chewing on an extension cord. I knew he was being too quiet. Finally, I took him up to Field B to hang out with Rufus, like taking a misbehaving child to their daddy so I could finish my work. When I finished planting and returned to Field B, indeed, Balio was finally napping tranquilly, like he had never disturbed the peace…typical.


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