Dear Farm Journal,

We are close to finished with the front end wall of greenhouse two. Having the sawmill makes construction projects so much easier and less expensive. Today Rufus said, “This is awesome! If I run out of two by fours, I can just go make another one.” The Woodmizer LT40 has been a true game changer as far as moving projects along, and I am super grateful that my aunt and uncle have allowed us to use it for the time being. I enjoy working on construction projects, however, it is not my strong suit. Before coming to the farm in 2017, I had very little experience in construction, and I still have a lot to learn. I am not really comfortable wielding power tools and I am almost always worried about getting hurt due to my inherent clumsiness. Today Rufus trained me on the sawzall. This may be the most terrifying tool yet. I could not quite steady the tool and hold the wiggle wire track at the same time. I was pretty sure that I was going to slip and saw a gash into my thigh. Rufus was extremely gracious and helped me out. Maybe one day I will become comfortable with power tools, but for now, I proceed with extreme caution and ask for help…a real burn for a perfectionist, INTJ, Capricorn like myself.


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