Dear Farm Journal,

Today Rufus and I worked on repairing greenhouse two, which went through a tornado in 2006. We removed most of the plastic last fall and took down the end walls this winter. Today we replaced the bents that were severely bowed and started rebuilding the end walls. Climbing on a ladder that sinks deeper into the soft ground with each step was a bit disconcerting, but I found my balance and continued removing screws from the bents. Before long, however, we had to give up the project for the day. We hear an ominous rumble of thunder in the distance and it starts to sprinkle. Rufus and I scramble to pick up tools and make a run for the barn as it starts pouring. We barely made it. We move on to indoor projects and watch the rain and lightning from the shelter of the greenhouse where the dogs crowd into the doorway also seeking shelter from the storm. It’s really incredible to watch the changing sky from the ridge top and experience the ever changing weather.   


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