Dear Farm Journal,

The Bonfire Music Festival begins today and Rufus and I are preparing some of the food for the VIP hospitality tent. We are so excited to be a part of this festival. There is so much love and positivity that go into this event, and not to mention, my favorite band, The People Brother’s Band, will be playing tonight and tomorrow night, AND they will be eating our vegetables!!! I discovered The People Brother’s Band last summer at this festival and over the last year have become a bit fanatical. I try to catch their shows whenever we can. We even saw them out in Breckenridge, Colorado this spring, where I bought their album, “Love Electric” and proceeded to learn the lyrics of every song at a borderline annoying level. They have given me countless hours of melodic merriment and the fact that I can give back that love to them through our food makes me feel honored, stoked, and a little star struck, but I’m going to be cool. Can’t wait to hit the dance floor tonight!!!



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