Dear Farm Journal,

It’s far-fetched to think a pair of farmers could pull plastic over a greenhouse frame on a blustery ridge top, but we secured the second layer today. The air currents abated just enough for us to achieve our goal. I have to say, I was feeling pretty nervous up on that ladder. The feet sunk unevenly into the soggy ground and the unfixed angle swayed dangerously as I heaved the mass of plastic upward. My arms clung tensely to the peak and my toes gripped uselessly at the inside of my muddy rubber boot. I told myself not to look down and not to imagine the sound of my body thudding upon the sloppy earth. My brainwaves fluctuated to a frequency of self preservation. I became hyper focused on my task and hyper vigilant about remaining balanced in an innately haphazard position…all of this, to get down as soon as possible. My heartbeat returned to normal once my slippery boots returned to the sod.

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