Dear Farm Journal,

The second morning of the festival, I was the one telling Rufus to wake up and get us back to the farm due to the sharp increase in temperature in the back of the car. When that sun hit, it turned our Honda Element into a mini greenhouse. I kicked off my sleeping bag, hopped in the front seat, and tried to fully wake up and open my eyes while Rufus drove us back to the farm. I lazily go about the morning chores, feeding and watering the dogs and chickens and watering the plants. It amazes me how much time I spend doling out water to plants, animals, and myself this time of year. It doesn’t help that Balio instigates water wars with Gizmo and Jodi and flips the water dish over sometimes just minutes after I fill it. After morning chores, I go about collecting eggs and salad ingredients for the last day of Bonfire. Today we are bringing salad, deviled eggs, and rhubarb torte. I tear the kitchen apart for the third day in a row and put it all back together again. I shower and get ready for one more day of fun before we slam back into full farmer reality. We are most definitely falling further behind each day of the festival, but tonight I’m pushing those thoughts to the back of my mind to make room for rhythm, blues, and dancing shoes, aka my bare feet.



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