Dear Farm Journal,

The People Brother’s Band was everything I hoped for and more last night! After the last show, I crawled into the back of our Honda Element, temporarily furnished with a futon mattress, a truly contented soul. Every show was entertaining, the people were amazing, and our food was a hit. When we checked out the hospitality tent, I was shocked to find almost all the veggie tray and salad gone. Even the weird veggies like salad turnips, kohlrabi, and wild ramps had been devoured. I was worried that I had overdone it and brought too much, but that was definitely not the case, and I’m so glad. When I wake up this morning in the back of the car, Rufus is already in the driver’s seat. He whisks me away back to the farm as I lay half asleep, mumbling something about being kidnapped into forced labor. I basically wake up in the asparagus field, role out of the back of the car, and start picking. A farmer can never truly take too much time when the sun is shining and the clock is ticking. After we harvest and pack orders, Rufus runs a delivery to Viroqua and I begin harvesting and preparing the food for the festival, selecting the best produce and chopping it all up with love. I’m ready for another night of festivities and The People Brother’s Band.



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