Dear Farm Journal,

So, it’s hot and it’s a holiday, and I don’t have much to say about my work ethic or motivation. I feed the chickens, water the plants, help Rufus with a few tasks and volunteer myself for domestic chores and food preparation for the family cookout with Papa Rich. I don’t generally so willingly enlist myself in domestic operations. I prefer to be outside, hence our house exists in varying states of chaos and a lot of the outdoors coming in. But if it is hot enough, I also favor indoor tasks, and I enjoy preparing food for festivities. I harvest vegetables for our staple garden and kale salad contributions and slice up a few kohlrabis with kosher salt. I switch the air conditioner on and off a few times, run through a few loads of laundry, dishes, and tv shows and just take it slow and wait for the party to start. Happy 4th of July to my careworn feet.  



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