Dear Farm Journal,

We had a handful of cheerful visitors on the farm today, and to my great surprise, I was met with the most unlikely volunteer gardeners. A friend of the family paid us a visit and he and Papa Rich gave me a hand weeding the carrot bed. This may not seem like a monumental moment or anything, but the first thing I thought was, “I don’t think I have ever had two people help me weed a bed before, especially not the dreaded carrot bed”. This was an unexpected and much appreciated gesture. When you are used to doing most of the weeding yourself, it is incredible the amount of gratitude you have for the kindness of a few extra hands. Shooting the breeze, listening to stories, beer breaks on a nearby picnic table in the shade, and the tripled man power made weeding those carrots one of the most delightful gardening experiences of the season. I barely even complained about the heat. A little later, our neighbor stopped by to pick up her CSA share. Her and her husband welcomed their new baby girl just 8 days ago, and this new mama was ready for a little time away from the house. We walked the well worn path of the farm tour, laughed about life, and visited casually. She also kindly offered to give me a hand with gardening as soon as her baby can hold her head up. Gardening, she said, would offer her an agreeable reprieve from the inevitable state of stir craziness that afflicts most new mothers cooped up in the house. She said she enjoys weeding, and I’ll take all the help I can get. I count myself lucky to share this work with almost anyone who would offer.



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