Dear Farm Journal,

Oh my god! Our new bed arrived today, and I am nearly deliriously ecstatic! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Open it! Open it! I’ll go to sleep right now. I don’t care if it is only 2:00 in the afternoon. Let’s wrap this day up so I can lay on this gorgeous cloud. Wow. I am happy to report that both Rufus and I are 100% satisfied. I need to mark my calendar to record my first night of peace-loving, tranquil sleep in… well a long long time. I didn’t even move. It is so soft and perfect in every way. The only complication is that it was legitimately challenging to leave the lap of luxury for the harsh world of farming… but it doesn’t matter, I’m in a great mood. It turns out that when a person gets a decent night of sleep, they can be pretty nice.



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