Dear Farm Journal,

Wow! Today really felt like spring. It got up to 54 degrees and everything is melting so fast that the farm is sloppy and the valleys are flooding. I drove to Cashton to pick up organic potting soil and there was water over the roads in parts of La Farge. There was an ice jam in Ontario and 9 roads in Vernon county were closed. People have not even finished rebuilding from the August 2018 flooding and everyone looks nervous. As I ran errands to the farm supply store, hardware store, grocery store, and gas station, the community was buzzing with apprehension. The cashier at the Viola gas station wouldn’t even crack a smile. They only recently opened back up since August and don’t even has siding on the building yet. I think these flooding valleys will continue to worsen with climate change, and as I drive home, I peek over the edges of bridges at rising rushing water and wonder how many more times this community can rebuild. I don’t know, but I’m grateful to be on the ridge.


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