Dear Farm Journal,
My brain buzzes and my heart flutters as I wind up to narrate this precious farm moment. I was working in the office when Rufus called and told me to hurry outside. “You’ve gotta get out here. There’s a fawn by Balio” WHAT! I flew down the stairs and out the door to find a newborn miracle. Balio was curious, but calm, and the fawn was confused. His brown and white coat were still slick from birth, and it became clear he hadn’t connected with his mother yet. He was nuzzling into Balio’s undercarriage in search of his first meal. Rufus suspected the mother may have given birth to twins in the wind break and became separated. We spotted the mother near the driveway and knew we had to get them back together as soon as we could. I was worried about touching him, but with him snuggling up to B, I guess I figured the whole scent thing was already blown. Also, I just couldn’t stop myself, and we had to get him away from the homestead. In hindsight, I wish I would have grabbed a towel, as Sandi suggested, but everything happened really fast. I scooped him up and held him to my chest. I could feel our hearts pounding together; his about three times faster than mine. I hurried down the driveway, saw a flash of the mother, and laid him gently near the tree line. We both looked back over our shoulders at each other, and a little corner of my heart cracked open. We left him in peace and he was reunited with his mother. Another wild whim of Mother Nature carves my soul wide open to feel her magic.

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