8/23/2019 – 8/25/2019

The Boundary Waters Episodes |

Dear Farm Journal,

I’m done. The combination of “sleeping” on the rocky ground, diverse forms of teenage sass and arguing, wet gear, and only catching one pathetic fish has worn me down. I’m also eager to get back to the farm. I’m already starting to miss it. Moods begin to descend into a pretty cranky zone and there is a lot of tit for tat between the kids. It also does not help that the only alcohol we have left is an almost full bottle of the most disgusting tequila on earth, Montezuma. The guys are never in charge of the drinks again. You know it is bad if not a single person on the island would drink it. I asked Rufus if I should just dump it out, but then immediately felt that I shouldn’t dump toxic waste in this beautiful wilderness. Rufus said, “Keep it and give it to people we hate”. I don’t think I have such a hate for anyone. We decide to leave a day early and everyone seems relieved except some of the kids, who, of course, want to stay. We veto their opinion and make the long journey back. Once we get through the two portages, I already feel better. On the road, I count the hours to silence in my own home, and finally around midnight, we pull in. Home Sweet Home. The dogs nearly pile me over as I attempt to get out of the car. We are so happy to see each other! I fall down onto our familiar couch, crack a cold beer, something that was dearly missed, and send gratitude into the universe for being home.



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