Dear Farm Journal,

Balio has decided that there’s a chill in the air and it’s time to get the row covers out. The other day he pulled a 50 foot white row cover from the barrel in greenhouse one partially out the door, which I eventually rolled up and put back. Today, he pulled that same row cover, plus one more from greenhouse one all the way to the front of the farm house. Rufus and I halfheartedly scolded him while giggling and folded up the row covers once again, returning them to their rightful location. I literally ran a 15 minute errand in town and returned to find the row covers back at the front of the farmhouse like we had never put them back. What is up with this dog? This time it was dark and drizzling, so I let the row cover lay, assuming my efforts to put them away would again be in vain. I guess we need to find another spot for the row covers. It is not quite time to cover plants yet, but it probably won’t be long before we need frost protection. Thanks for being so proactive B, but your a little ahead of the game.


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