Dear Farm Journal,
The raindrops fall slackly from the cloudy sky, melting away the remaining white patches of snow to reveal a sloppy gray scale of mishmash. I watch the scenery unfold from a blasé gaze behind my windshield. My demeanor, however, is far from indifferent, as I’m on my most cherished errand to see some of my most beloved people. I drive to Rockton, Westby, and Kendall dropping boxes of veggies, cartons of eggs, and jars of venison to friends and family. Whether it is leaving a package at someone’s front door or packing it away in their refrigerator with them while we visit, the buzz is the same. I know it sounds simple, even a bit anticlimactic, but for me, the giving of food is powerful. It’s an embodiment of human goodness; kindness, sharing, love, generosity, thoughtfulness, respect. It brings us together at the baseline of our humanity. Since all of our bodies physically require food everyday, why not embrace food as a channel for human goodness? It affords us with endless opportunities to be kind, to let our best qualities shine, and to brighten someone’s otherwise rainy day.

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