Dear Farm Journal,

This morning Rufus and I walked the lengthy asparagus patch. Rufus just brush hogged the field, so the long line of green and purple spears are easy to detect. Balio follows us out to the field and gallops happily through the tall wet grass. The red winged blackbirds are becoming more and more vocal. They perch warily on a sturdy enough stalk in the open field and flick their tail feathers up and down. I’m not sure if this move is for balance or out of agitation at our intrusive presence…probably both. They sound off a constant alarm of cheeping, and their vexation is obvious. They are guarding their precious nests. We look up at the clouds, another pending threat from the sky, as a veil of rain hangs over our heads. We hurry along and pick up the last bundles of green goodness just as the rainfall begins. However, this is only our first harvest of the day. Although most of our harvesting will be in the greenhouse, there are frequent jaunts across the farm, just long enough to saturate your clothing and make everything a tad irksome.



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