Dear Farm Journal,

We hosted another phenomenal Sunday of food, family, and of course farming at Keewaydin today. This weekend Rufus’s sister and cousins were in town and we all shared a beautiful brunch. Jessica has been visiting and developing her new land in the area and usually makes her amazing waffles at some point during the weekend. Rufus’s brother, Jake, comes over to help us with some tractor work, accidentally tilling up Rich’s 2 year old asparagus patch in the process.  Rufus and I help Mary move a piano out of her house (out a second story sliding glass door) which has been there for over 40 years. We give Rufus’s cousins a tour of the farm and pack them a fresh box of produce to take home. Rufus and I can our last harvest of pickled ramps. There is a bustle of life, love, and change all around us, and as each person heads back to their own home, I relax with gratefulness in ours.



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