Dear Farm Journal,

It was a burning, heavy day of gardening, pulling failed experiments, overgrown weeds, and close to 400 bulbs of garlic. Rufus and I went about our usual Thursday frenzy of whipping our gardens back into shape. When I do my last walk about in the evening, I am amazed at what 2 farmers can accomplish in 12 hours. Many of our garden beds look completely different. The crops have been turned over, the weeds have been cleaned out, and the trellising is in place. They are almost unrecognizable from their earlier state. Days like this make us feel accomplished and adept, even as we throw our misadventures in gardening into the compost pile. Sometimes in farming, you have to know when to cut your losses and move on. You can’t win them all, but you do learn your lesson with the sting of lost seed money, time, and space, and there is value in that lesson. It used to bother me more, but I am accepting it as all part of the learning and growing process. As for today, we are just barely staying on top of things, and that’s okay. We are already losing daylight, and soon the season will slow down. 



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