Dear Farm Journal,

I am starting to notice pockets of colorful autumn leaves, a sure sign that the seasons are changing. This year, more than ever, I feel my life is firmly fixed to these seasonal transitions. As farmers, our daily lives change drastically when the growing season comes to an end. Sure, we will have indoor greenhouse production which extends our season, but the pace of our day slows to a crawl compared to the peak of summer sunshine. As we lose daylight, we lose a portion of our livelihood, and it is time to start thinking about looking for a winter job. Neither Rufus or I are too thrilled about this reality. Wouldn’t it be grand if farmers could make enough money to sort of just take some time off during the slow season? Unfortunately, that’s not the case in our wreck of an unjust economy, so the search begins. Last winter I was finishing my master’s degree, so I didn’t get another job, but now I have no excuses. One of the problems with living in a rural area, however, is the job market is pretty limited and the pay is usually lousy, making it even more difficult to bite the blasted bullet. So far, I have hated pretty much every job description I have read and only applied to one job. Hopefully something will come along that I can stand. It’s not like I’m lazy. I like to work. I just don’t want to transition from doing something I love, to doing something I hate, and the juxtaposition is causing a bit of feet dragging.


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