Dear Farm Journal,

Today is Local Food Fest at the Viroqua Food Co-op and Rufus and I are doing a demo with some of our garden fresh salsa. It was fun to mingle with all the local customers and talk about Keewaydin. It was a lively event with lots of local products and hungry customers. It’s hard to pass by a salsa table and not grab a sample. Rufus and I took turns making the rounds and snacking ourselves. Rufus spent most of his time talking to people he knew. Now I truly understand why he has me do the shopping. He knows so many people that stop and talk to him that it would take him hours to get the grocery shopping done. I see a lot of familiar faces, but not necessarily folks who would strike up a conversation. For some reason, when people see Rufus, he is immediately entangled in at least a 5 minute exchange, usually longer. I can’t blame them though. I’m with Rufus all the time, and I still want to chat with him every time something pops into my head. He always listens and makes me laugh and I was happy to share that today.


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