Today I take a moment to reflect on the progression of our vision, the expansion of Keewaydin, beyond a CSA farm. Rufus and I would both like to develop infrastructure and programming to include on-farm learning and recreation which would open the farm up as a social space to celebrate the intersection of nature, stewardship, food, culture, education, art, and community. I love taking solid steps toward this goal, like meeting with local artist and experienced muralist, Pete Hodapp, who shares my passion for public art and is interested in working on the silo mural project at Keewaydin, Driftless Music Gardens, and other local farms. We had an incredible meeting on Friday which energized me to spend time this weekend reaching out to other partners for collaboration, researching funding, and considering forming a nonprofit entity which could encompass this and other on-farm projects. All of these little steps, these little connections are what make up the manifestation of the vision, and I can’t wait to see what we create.


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