Dear Farm Journal,
I’m returning to this composition a revolutionized rendition of my former self. Taking time outside of our cycle of routines awakens internal energy which the mundane duties of the day blur out of focus. Our vacation was not what we expected. On Sunday night, Rufus began having heart palpitations and we spent an incredibly unnerving night in the wilderness, isolated from medical help. We made the decision to travel home the next morning and get Rufus into the clinic. Back at the farm, we wait for test results and schedule further tests. I’m shaken to the utmost. My mind whirls with panic, whipping my emotions raw as I ask myself a million questions. I attempt to quell the panic by reading three books, possibly the most conscious shifting books I’ve ever driven through my anxious mind, and I wait. Rufus is feeling better as we prepare to get back to work, but I just can’t quit the wondering and wandering thoughts.

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