Dear Farm Journal,

I accomplished almost nothing today and feel a little guilty about it, but it was still a great day. In the morning, I delivered some local CSA boxes and searched desperately for certified organic potting soil to get our last small window of planting in. Cashton Farm Supply and the Viroqua Food Co-op were both out of it, which is not too surprising as it is getting toward the end of the outdoor growing season. The seeding will be have to be put off for a little longer, until Rufus can pick some up in Madison on Wednesday. In the afternoon, I completely derailed our farming plans to propose a kayaking adventure with my cousin. Rufus points out, in a rather poignant tone, the irony of going rouge from our established daily list in light of our recent feud. I acknowledge that the timing is bad, and we head to the river anyway. My cousin rarely gets the opportunity for kid free fun and I never fair too well in resisting the river in the first place. Although the weather is cool, the float is beautiful. When we return to the farm, we gather up some veggies for homemade pizza and feast. Farm life has once again oscillated back to contentment.


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