Dear Farm Journal,
Our stellar crew concluded the CSA pack out before lunch and moved on to pigpen prep during the hottest part of the day. The area in the back of the barn was previously being prepped for cattle, but the cow idea is on hold, partially because I went vegan at the beginning of June and somewhat because we have our hands full with our busiest CSA season ever. Nonetheless, we still need to bring in the little piggies to provide for our CSA half hog share, and this is the pasture with the most established “pig proof” fence. We need to work around the paddock to check for areas of potential security breach. We weed whack our way to the perimeter, straighten up leaning fence posts, pound new posts, and run an electric wire low to the ground because, “pigs don’t like to get their snooters lit up”. It’s not quite “pig proof” yet, but it will need to be by Friday when our 5 little piglets come wee wee wee, all the way home.

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