Dear Farm Journal,
This evening, Rufus made his way down to Bufton Hollow for a little fly fishing while I dug into a new book. The wind picked up and the sky turned an eerie hue. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the trees swaying as storm clouds swirled over the farmstead. I placed my bookmark between the pages and slipped on my boots. “Better batten down the hatches”, I thought, and headed out to close the greenhouse doors. Balio trotted along behind me, looking up at the booming thunder with vigilance. He looks as though he’s ready to protect the farm from unseen threats, but is unsure what to bark at. I look to the point in the sky where his gaze is directed and see a bright flash of lightning over the faint trace of a rainbow. “Did you see that, B!? WOW!” What a wondrous display of beauty, power, and energy. “Now let’s get back inside before we press our luck!”

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