Dear Farm Journal,
When the reality of our social functioning utterly disappoints, when the phenomena of our culture breach the social contract of humankind to love and care for each other, when we uphold systems that don’t hold us together, I’m filled with fire. What do I do with the flames? Extinguish? Fuel? Tamp? Smolder? Self-combust? I step back to take a panoramic view of the blaze. Perhaps the spark was my access to a post secondary education and graduate school program which unveiled the ugly underbelly of our social structures. The spark itself was a white privilege. We’re all absorbing and recycling the perceptible data we’ve been exposed to. Tamping. How we absorb and recycle hinges on our mindset, and the mindset, itself is shaped by what we perceive through our senses. Smoldering. I’ve been fortuitous to have been shaped in such a way that I recognize injustice and aim to end it. I’m cooking up an energy for change.

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