The high temperatures tested our mettle today. Trellising in the greenhouse was brutal and required frequent escapes into the open air (which was still smoldering, but not face melting). Harvesting asparagus was a long, heavy task with no shade in sight and everyone moved at a slackened pace, periodically re-routing sweat from running into squinted eyes. When I braved the midday greenhouse watering, the thermometer was maxed out at 130 degrees. Finally, Rufus declared that we were done with outside work and we hid out in the pack shed, shelling overwintered black beans, standing in place on the cool concrete floor, moving as little as possible. When we finally called it quits, it was time for a nice, cool shower to reset for the Bonfire Music & Arts Festival at Driftless Music Gardens. Not even this heat can keep me from dancing to the People Brothers Band…when the sun goes down.

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