This morning I visited my friend, Gaby, to look at some handmade natural hammocks which were featured in a recent Folk Art Collective workshop. I’ve really enjoyed attending these artisan workshops via Zoom and meeting traditional folk artists presenting from their studios in Mexico. I’m so happy to support the group of artisan women originally from Copalillo Guerrero who make handmade hammocks, which has been a tradition in their town for generations. When I learned of an entire town in Mexico crafting handmade hammocks, I thought, “Now that’s a place I’d like to visit someday”. For now, I’ve ordered nine hammocks to create the Driftless Curiosity Hammock Forest, which will be featured in our summer and fall workshops. Today I’m testing the first one out and just love it. The color is so vibrant and beautiful and the design forms to my body more comfortably than our green nylon one. These were most definitely made with love! It’s hammock time!


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