In honor of Earth Month (and the almighty wind) we planted 1200 trees today. The Keewaydin windbreak is long overgrown and, as you may know, we take a thrashing up here on the ridge. We were fortunate to be able to use mechanization for this planting and while Rufus drove the tractor, John and Cassie rode side by side in the planter and plunked baby white pine and black spruce into the freshly sliced earth. Two wheels rolled behind and squeezed the gash in the dirt back together, theoretically with the tree standing upright. Of course, we had to walk our lines and prop up a few wild ones, but man that machine is slick (especially when we’re accustomed to doing all of our transplanting by hand). We not only replanted the old windbreak, but established some new ones as well. Happy Earth Month!


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